Trail Mixes

Trail Mixes with a combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits is a delicious way to hit your hunger pain between meals. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are loaded with protein, dietary fiber, monounsaturated fat that may lower LDL “Bad” cholesterol levels. Also, packed with powerful antioxidant and vitamins to boost your immune system and help you feel energized.

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  • All Dried Fruit Mix

  • Deluxe Mixed Nuts (Salted) (No Peanuts)

    Deluxe Mixed Nuts (Salted) (No Peanuts)

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    Mixed Nuts with 60% Peanuts, Unsalted

  • Oriental Trail Mix

    Oriental Trail Mix

  • Rice Cracker Snack Mix

    Rice Cracker Snack Mix

  • Superior Health Mix

    Superior Health Mix

  • Sweet & Salty Mix

  • Tropical Mix

    Tropical Mix